Perfection What the genuine article requires, Le Cent

"Le Cent" - the French for "100"
This word represents our policy of striving for perfection in all the processes of production, from materials to finishing.
Our rigorous goal results in the profoundest pleasure for the sophisticated adult who recognizes the genuine article.

Le Cent cashmere knitwear,boasting the largest share of the Japanese market

The cashmere used by Le Cent is made from the top-quality hair of cashmere goats from Inner Mongolia. Starting with rare white cashmere, only the best hair is chosen, having a diameter of less than 15 microns and a length of more than 40 mm. Light, warm, soft, with its own exclusive sheen --- these are the results of the selection process. It is no wonder that Le Cent's position in the cashmere knitwear market in Japan is at the very top.

The heart of Le Cent,the art of the craftsman

Simple design, velvety smooth to the touch, deep colors --- these are the qualities of a Le Cent product. Only the most capable craftsmen can work with the finest of materials. They listen to the material, and creative designs result from the dialogue. The timeless value of Le Cent products is the result of the encounter between material and craftsmanship.

Attentive care puts the final touches on perfection

The higher the quality of the material, the more attentiveness must be taken with its care. In order to satisfy our customers' individual needs, Le Cent has established a "pattern order system," by means of which the customer can choose from 5 sizes in each parts of the garment and a wide variety of colors. Le Cent is also concerned about after-sales service: all materials that have been used are kept in stock for over 10 years, and our skilled craftsmen can restore damaged products to their original shapes. Le Cent is proud of its attentiveness to detail in meeting the demands of its clientele, people who know what "genuine" means.