1940 Eiichi Hayashida starts a business as a knitwear manufacturer and wholesaler.
1947 Hayashida Knitting Mill Co., Ltd is founded.
1957 Hayashida Knitting Mill Co., Ltd. becomes an authorized agent of 'Carolan' lingerie of Mitsubishi Athetate.
1961 The company obtains a production and sales license of Nikke knitwear. The first original brand is launched.
1962 The company name is changed to Hayashida Co., Ltd.
1963 The new head factory is built.
1969 Oversea training program starts. The first inspector team is sent to the U.S.A. The new head office is built.
1971 A new factory is constructed in Tanabe city, Wakayama prefecture.
1973 The Tokyo branch is established in Asakusabashi, Tokyo. 'Le Cent', (Hayashida's own brand) is launched.
1975 Hayashida succeeds in developing printed knit of 100% ramie and pure cashmere multi-colored melange (mix) knit.
1979 A license contract with Mario del Monaco, an Italian famous opera star is signed. The Tokyo branch is transferred to Yanagibashi, Taito-ku. The Society of Osaka Rationalization of Management commends Hayashida as an excellent company.
1980 Hayashida is introduced in 'Era of the middle standing firm' published by Sankei Newspaper Publishing Co.
1983 Eiichi Hayashida becomes the chairman of the company and Toshiro Hayashida becomes the president.
1985 'IL PLIMO' is launched.
1988 A contract with Mr. Yuh Ikeda is signed and 'Le Cent Yuh', is born.
1989 Tanabe factory is renovated.
1990 The 50th anniversary party is held at Miyako Hotel Osaka. A contract with Ornella Bignami, an Italian famous designer is signed and Milan office is established.
1991 The capital is increased to 50 million.
1992 Hayashida is honored by Tanabe city, for distinguishing performance and services in the industry.
1993 Hayashida is honored by Osaka prefecture.
1995 License business with S. T. Dupont starts.
1998 Hayashida becomes a member of West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association to obtain the right to use sea island cotton.
1999 The official homepage is opened.
2000 An internet online shop 'LeCECENT' starts.
2002 A Contract with Gabriella Frattini Spa, an Italian fashion company is signed. A subsidiary company 'Baotou Gao Lin Fashion Co., Ltd. is established in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China.
2003 A contract with Mr.Maurizio Bonas is signed and 'sam scuri' is renewaled.
Tokyo design studio/pressroom is opened in Roppongi.
TOshiro Hayashida becomes the chairman of the company and Seiji Hayashida become the president.
The capital is increased to 75million.
2004 'LeCENT' won the third prize of the best seller in the Japanee department stores in 2003.
Hayashida is anthorized as a company of innovative management by the governer of Osaka prefecture.
A contract with Primegate Enterprise Ltd. is signed and 'Shitateya (a tailor) STUDIO GHIBLI' is started.
2005 'TOKITO' Division starts with Mr.Tokihito Yoshida and his company.
Open Shanghai Office.
2006 The 'Shitateya (a tailor) STUDIO GHIBLI' flagship Shop Open at Omotesando hills in Tokyo.
Zhuhai:Hayashida Inc. is establised.
The capital is increased to 94milion.

Head Office
2-8-28, Fukaekita Higashinari-ku, Osaka
537-0001, Japan

234-1, Akitsu-cyou Tanabe-City, Wakayama
646-0005, Japan