The continuing pursuit of professionalism

In postwar Japan "generalization" was thought of as a positive economic factor, but after the burst of the economic bubble it has come to be seen as minus element in the process of recovery. In the highly competitive market of today, even among embodiments of generalization such as GE and the general trading companies, professionalism or"differentiation" has been recognized as essential to a company's survival.

We are now in an era of professionalism, not generalization. From its foundation the Hayashida motto has been "Total commitment to production." We take pride in the quality and technical excellence of our products, and we continually seek to improve upon that quality and the professional nature of our business. Thus it is that Hayashida has won the support of a loyal, sophisticated clientele, regardless of the economic climate.

We continue the company traditions of the past as expressed in the words Ryo(Quality), Kan(Delicacy), Den(Expression / Innovation), and Sho (The Pursuit of Perfection). To satisfy our customers to the utmost possible degree, we continue to pursue the goal of a greater professionalism.